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Using Herbal Remedies!

By Greenbrier Herbalist


What are Herbal Tinctures?

Herbal tinctures are liquid extracts of fresh or dried herbs in a medium of alcohol and water. Herbalists who make tinctures are following a tradition of thousands of years of making herbal remedies using alcohol to extract and preserve the medicinal qualities of fresh and dry herbs. Alcohol is a powerful and safe solvent to effectively extract the maximum amount of medicinal compounds from the herbs, and preserves these compounds in an easily absorbed form.

How to Take Herbal Tinctures

Following the dosage guidelines on the label, you can take the extracts straight from the dropper or dosage spoon. It is not necessary to take herbal tinctures under the tongue as is sometimes advised with other herbal or homeopathic remedies.

To reduce the intensity of the taste of the extract you can dilute the dosage in a small amount of water, juice or herb tea. You can also follow the dose with fruit juice, herbal tea, crystallized ginger or breath mint to help clear the taste from your mouth.

To reduce the quantity and taste of alcohol in the extracts, measure the dose into a coffee mug and add about a half cup of boiling water from the tea kettle. Wait until the liquid in the mug has cooled enough to drink. This technique will evaporate most of the alcohol for sensitive folks. Never cook or microwave herbal extracts, because the heat may destroy many of their effectiveness.  Ready to try Herbal Tinctures?




My CBD Remedies product information & ingredients.

My CBD Remedies Little Bears are 20 mg each. They are a great way to get consistent dosing with a delicious taste.

The 200 mg package contains 10 Little Bears.  

The 600 mg package contains 30 Little Bears.  

The 1000 mg package contains 50 Little Bears.  These Gummies are 0% THC Ingredients : Pure CBD from organically grown hemp , Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Pectin, Natural & Artificial Favors, Vegetable Oil(coconut), and Carnuba Leaf Wax, FD&C Yellow 5, Red 40, Yellow 6, Blue 1 



The 600 mg CBD Oil comes in a 15 ml bottle and contains 30 servings (Half a Dropper full) at 20mg each. Can also be measured as 2mg per drop.

The 1200 mg CBD Oil comes in a 30 ml bottle and contains 30 servings (Full Dropper) at 40mg each. Can also be measured as 2mg per drop.

The pure CBD is infused in Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil produced in the USA. No Worries about drug screens or getting High. My CBD Remedies 0% THC CBD Tincture is not psychoactive. 



This is a FULL SPECTRUM Product. It contains CBD as well as other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG and less than .3% THC Full spectrum Hemp Extract from Organically Grown. USA Hemp is infused in Certified Organic Hempseed oil produced in the USA. Although this product is Non- Psychoactive, we do not suggest this product for someone subject to drug testing. 

The 600 mg CBD Oil comes in a 15 ml bottle contains 600 mg CBD. There are 30 serving (Half a dropper) containing 20 mg CBD each. For smaller doses you can measure approx. 2 mg CBD per Drop

The 1200 mg CBD Oil comes in a 30 ml bottle contains 1200 mg CBD. There are 30 servings (Full Dropper) containing 40 mg CBD each. For smaller doses you can measure approx. 2 mg CBD per Drop 


Made with Certified Organic Ingredients. Vegan, Cruelty Free, Non-GMO, Paraben and Nut Oil Free, Gluten Free.  May use Daily and may use as much as needed, 1-4x's a day. 

Total of 250mg of 99% Pure Organic CBD 5mg of CBD per gram = 50 uses per container. 

Total of 500mg of 99% Pure Organic CBD 10 mg of CBD per gram = 50 uses per container.

Total of 1000mg of 99% Pure Organic CBD 20mg of CBD per gram.


CLOVE + EUCALYPTUS PAIN CREAM  Good for Pain, Stress, Inflammation, Depression and Headaches. Helpful for cold/ flu-like symptoms- breaks up congestion, thins mucus. Other benefits may include feeling Relaxed, Uplifted, Happy, and Focused. Great as a muscle rub before or after strenuous activity. Non greasy, pleasant scent of Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, and Rosemary. CLOVE– reduces inflammation, increases energy, improves circulation, treats acne, anti-fungal, high in antioxidants. LEMON– hydrates and nourishes skin, brightens mood, supports immune system, treats acne, supports lymphatic drainage. EUCALYPTUS– reduces inflammation, anti-septic and anti –microbial, treats some respiratory problems, expectorant. CINNAMON– reduces inflammation, improves circulation, helps fight depression, stimulates immune system, treats acne rashes and infections. ROSEMARY– balances hormones, improves prostate heath, reduces pain, promotes hair growth. Helps neuropathy and neuralgia. ACDC TERPENES — ACDC is a high CBD content strain. Along with helping mental focus, ACDC has been used to treat pain, inflammation, stress, and depression

LAVENDER BLUE DREAM is our most RELAXING blend. Many people use it as a sleep aid as well as AMAZING PAIN RELIEF. LAVENDER– It’s benefits include reducing anxiety, improves sleep, relief from pain, headache relief, improves mood, provides relief from some symptoms of diabetes, reduces itchiness, and relief from insect bites and burns. BLUE DREAM TERPENES- The Blue Dream strain of cannabis is known for its relaxing effect on the body as well as its cerebral invigoration. It is suggested for people with stress, depression, and pain.

PEPPERMINT ORANGE This scent is slightly cooling and is great for a mood lift! PEPPERMINT is cooling, energizing, reduces pain, helpful for headaches, aids digestion. ORANGE is cooling, improves mental clarity, anti-depressant, reduces inflammation, reduces spasms, enhances libido. ACDC TERPENES — ACDC is a high CBD content strain. Along with helping mental focus, ACDC has been used to treat pain, inflammation, stress, and depression

UNSCENTED For those sensitive to scents or prefer to add their own essential oil blends. The CBD is infused in our same Vegan and Organic Cream used in our other products, without any added scents. This product works great for PAIN and INFLAMMATION!




Shampoo Bar Faq's

Using & Loving Your Shampoo Bar!



  Hand crafted in small batches using the following ingredients.  

  • Aloe vera nourishes the hair shaft and scalp and promotes shiny, healthy hair
  • Jojoba oil adds shine, promotes hair growth and improves the health of the scalp and hair                                              
  • Mango butter penetrates to re-moisturize, revive and repair
  • Rosemary is invigorating to the hair and scalp, encourages strong, healthy hair, stimulates growth and increases manageability and shine
  • Lavender a cleansing, balancing herb, will balance oily or dry hair and scalp
  • Tea tree oil refreshes stimulates and deep cleans the scalp
  • Good for all hair types.  Chemically colored, permed or straightened hair should undergo a strand test.  See below for details.

Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil,  Babassu Oil,  Castor Bean Oil, Water,  Aloe Vera, Organic Palm Oil (Sustainable), Sodium Hydroxide, Jojoba Oil, Canola Oil, Mango Butter, Rosemary Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Kaolin Clay, Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE)

How to Use

Technique 1: Apply the bar directly to the hair.

1. Thoroughly wet hair.

2. Gently rub wet bar directly onto scalp and through ends of hair by using fingers in a combing motion.

3. Avoid tangles by moving down from scalp to ends. Avoid moving up and down or in circular motion.

4. Continue through each section of hair by massaging bar onto scalp and through the ends, adding water as needed to build ample lather.

5. Rinse completely and repeat if desired.

Technique 2: Create the lather in your hands

1. Thoroughly wet hair.

2. Rub wet bar into wet hands to create ample lather

3. Again, using fingers like a comb, apply lather to scalp and then down length of hair avoiding tangles by moving in one direction.

4. If necessary, add small amount of water to build lather.

5. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if desired.

Long Hair Technique

  1.  After thoroughly wetting your hair, tie it into a loose  ponytail...optional.
  2. Wet the shampoo bar and rub the bar across the top of head in strokes from front to back until the entire scalp is covered.  Avoid tangles by not rubbing shampoo bar in too many directions. 
  3. Massage entire scalp in a combing motion to work the lather through my hair. You don’t need to not rub the bar or work the lather on the length of your hair.
  4. Remove ponytail and rinse allowing the shampoo to drip down the length of your hair. This rinsing should be enough to clean the length of your hair.
  5. Rinse for at LEAST one minute while rubbing fingers through my hair to be sure that the shampoo is rinsed away
  6. Squeeze gently on the length to remove excess water and cover with a towel but do not rub the towel over wet hair because it causes nasty tangles.
  7. Use a wide toothed comb and gently comb from the bottom up

Is a Conditioner Necessary with A Shampoo Bar?

Our natural shampoo bars will not strip the natural oils from your hair, so you will not need the typical moisturizing conditioners that people use to replace the natural oils stripped by detergent shampoos. However, if you have longer hair that is prone to tangles, please read further.

Hair tangles result when individual hairs go in different directions and intertwine.

The outer layer of the hair, the cuticle, is made of overlapping layers of long scales that lie along the surface of the hair like shingles on a roof.

The condition of the cuticle scales in part determines whether you are going to have tangled hair. Wetting or shampooing your hair opens the cuticle and makes it prone to tangling.

Using an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse after shampooing helps to close the cuticles and reduce tangles. Besides creating tangle-free locks, (ACV) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinses are an excellent addition to any natural hair care routine and can help bring back body and shine to dull, lackluster hair. Also try using a large toothed comb through the length of your hair while it is still lathered up and continue to comb as you rinse. 

Can I Use A Shampoo Bar with Color Treated or Permed hair?

Most people find that shampoo bars are easier on color treated or permed hair than commercial shampoos and their color or curls remain fresh longer.

But since everyone's hair and coloring products are different, please do a strand test to judge for yourself. To do a strand test, shampoo a strand of hair in a non-conspicuous area and rinse. Notice if there are any changes. 

Is There an Adjustment Period?

Natural and organic personal care products, including shampoo bars, offer a personal experience that is quite unique. While many folks have little problem with their hair adjusting to a new routine, some do. The transition period can range from a few days to a few weeks or even a month. Hair length, hair damage, genetics, and the amount of residue or build-up from hair products can all impact the actual length of time. When you first begin, your hair or scalp may become oily or dry or even switch between the two extremes. You may have increased tangles or frizz and the hair shafts may feel weird or waxy. Much of this is due to your hair becoming accustomed to a natural lifestyle while it detoxes from previous chemically laden hair care products. Please be patient and give your hair time to adjust. Your reward will be soft, silky and healthy hair!