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Handmade Soaps & Restorative Shopping

Artisans & herbalists


Monica ~ Betula

Welcome to Betula’s Botanica where artisan soaps and body care products are carefully hand crafted in small batches with pure natural ingredients!  After making my first batch of soap in 2009, I was immediately addicted to soap making and the coalescence of science & art.  Lucky for me, soaps are a consumable item and with the increasing demand for natural hand crafted soaps, Betula’s Botanica quickly grew and is now known for crafting an extensive selection of products ranging from beautiful artisan soaps to lip balms, natural deodorants, sugar scrubs, bath oils, mineral bath salts, natural bug repellents, and essential oils plus many more items that the whole family!  

In 2017, Betula's Botanica expanded from weekend farmers markets to a beautiful retail shop on Penn Avenue in West Reading.  Besides offering my products,  it's been very gratifying to showcase hand crafted products & services from local artisans, herbalists and wellness practitioners; thus witnessing their businesses grow and thrive.  Step inside for a restorative shopping experience...soft music, refreshments,  and a glorious aroma... making your visit sublime and rejuvenating.  


forever cairn - Tricia Williams


Tricia, owner & bracelet "beader" of Forever Cairn is mom to 3 pint size hikers and wife to an amazingly supportive husband.  They channel their best energy outdoors and can be seen or heard  wandering through Pennsylvania parks.  Tricia dreams up the products with specific connections to nature in mind,  but the best part is...For EVERY item sold,  a TREE is planted through a partnership with ONE TREE IS PLANTED.  It is that simple.  She says "It is my hope that we can make a huge positive impact for ALL of our wanderers and the future of their children."   Choose to PURCHASE WITH PURPOSE.

Artisans & Herbalists


Henny Faire Company - Erica Vinskie

  I'm an artist and academic turned independent perfumer and cosmetic  formulator.  In 2015, I founded HENNY FAIRE Co., a modern apothecary  that celebrates the nature and culture of my native Appalachia.
Underwhelmed by the performance, feel, and fragrance of most natural cosmetics, I decided to formulate my own line using native Eastern plants.  In one sense, this  undertaking constituted a return to my childhood in the Anthracite  Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania where one of my greatest  inspirations was our "patch town" apothecary.  "Henny" was a naturalist  and herbalist who simultaneously adored fine fragrance and top-shelf  cosmetics.   
Along with the folk wisdom and foraging skills I inherited from Henny  and folks back home, I apply my background as a university researcher to ensure the safety, efficacy, and sustainability of the raw materials  used in HF products.  HF formulations avoid petrochemicals, phthalates,  sulfates, known irritants, and suspected environmental toxins; gentle  on person and planet.  My  personal and professional commitments are to the economic and  environmental renewal of Greater Appalachia and the Rust Belt. A portion  of HF proceeds goes to these efforts. 


GreenBrier herbalist

 Sharon Moncrief, clinical  herbalist and owner of Greenbrier Herbalist, brings over 20 years of  experience when crafting these natural herbal remedies rooted deeply in  Grandmother's Wisdom of plants.  Each tincture, salve or tea consists of  fresh herbs, many of which are locally sourced.  Sharon's intuition,  years of experience and proprietary blends are offered to support your  health and through many common & annoying ailments.  Greenbrier  Herbalist products are available in the shop.  We are also proud to have  Sharon conduct classes and private consultations throughout the year.  

Wellness practitioners


Jordana Delaney - integrative massage

Jordana Delaney is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master who also utilizes Animal Therapy with Zinnia, her adorable Registered Emotional Support Dog!  Available by appointment...usually monthly.  Click here for next event.
"My massage style has a very natural flow and rhythm to it. I have an intuitive touch and I am able to find the client’s problem areas with ease. I work with the client to customize the session to fit their needs which may include a treatment plan for those with chronic pain. I have a holistic approach to healing the body by connecting the mind, body and soul into a session.
An integrative massage is a combination of neuromuscular, deep tissue, Swedish massage and myofacial release. I include aromatherapy, Reiki healing and sound therapy depending on the clients needs. I will also be using Betula's Botanica's signature blend massage oil with every client!"


Janine McFaul, Reflexology & Aqua Detox

Janine, a specialist in Aqua Detox & Reflexology embarked on her journey to Wellness while battling chronic Lyme disease.  After suffering for several years, Janine made the decision to proactively gain her health back.  Energy medicine, specifically Aqua Detox, appealed to her and provided relief.  It wasn't long until Janine fully understood and appreciated the connection between our feet and overall health.  In 2017, she became certified in Reflexology from the East-West Therapeutic Massage School and now offers personalized attention to her clients.  She is very passionate about detoxification & elimination and tailors each session to the individual needs of her clients and at times including reflexology for the hands.  Click here for upcoming Events.
Please rsvp asap for your preferred time....appointments fill quickly! Walk ins welcome too! Take time from your hectic schedule to relax and enjoy some healthy pampering and detoxing. 

Wellness Practitioners


Gabriella Acker - Reflexology & Rain Drop Therapy.

My name is Gabriella Acker I am a certified yoga instructor, reflexologist, Reiki practitioner, and make handmade jewelry and home decor such a dream catchers, macrame plant hangers and much more! I am a strong believer in alternative medicine such as reflexology, Reiki, and diet. Reflexology has only been apart of my life for a short amount of time but I have already noticed such a difference such as increased energy levels, regulated sleep schedule, and overall feeling healthier in my everyday life! Reflexology is a practice based on the premise that there are points in the feet that are related to different organs and systems throughout the body!  Reflexology may help alleviate stress, treat migraines or headaches, improve energy levels, helps with arthritis, it can also improve blood circulation plus much more! I look forward to meeting everyone at Betula’s Botanica.       Peace and love always !  Click here for next event!