Energy Work with Dr. Lindahl...Tues., 12/11. 3:00pm -6:00pm

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ONE HOUR ENERGY WORK WITH DR. ALYSSA LINDAHL...Please welcome our newest wellness practitioner to Betula's Botanica!  Please contact store at 484-516-2321 to schedule your time.

My name is Dr. Alyssa Lindahl.  I have my doctorate degree is psychology and I am a Master Energy Healer.  In addition to my healing practice,  I am an intuitive.  I have been a practitioner of the energy healing modality since 2013.  I became a Master Energy Healer in 2016.  Being a Master Energy Healer means that I am able to flow multiple types of energy to a patient.  At this time, I am able to flow 13 different types of energy.

What Exactly Do I Do? What Can You Expect?

If you tell someone you practice “energy healing” confused looks oftentimes follow. So, let’s break it down.

What is energy work? Roughly speaking, it’s a method of healing based on the concept of maintaining “spiritual hygiene” through cleansing practices that work with the intangible. Think energy, meridians, chakras, and vibrations. It’s an all-encompassing term for the 13 different times of energy I can flow, which include reiki, shamanic, meridians, crystal healing, chakra balancing, intuitive healing, psychic reading and so on. It’s not something you can see per say, but it is something you feel, and each person may feel it differently. 

When someone comes to my table, my purpose is to help fix them. It likely won’t happen in one session, but at that first session, based on what I see in your body through a simple laying of the hands and through intuitiveness, we’ll talk about my findings, what I see and how we can work on fixing it. Fixing the energy; restoring and repairing all damages; in order to get a patient back to an energetic wholeness.

Who is energy work for? I oftentimes see people (and pets, too!) from infants to seniors with physical ailments that the medical community has given no solution or answer for, and that person doesn’t want to resign himself or herself to “just living with it.”

I also see people suffering from physical, mental and emotional traumas for which we work on removing that negative energy.

Services Offered

Reiki, shamanism, chakra balancing, Crystal healing, repairing/restoring grids, meridian repairs, Intuitive readings, Distant healing, Mentoring, and much more.  Payment by cash, check or Venmo.