Bath & Body Oil...Citrus Paradise with Hemp Seed Oil


Citrus Paradise Hemp Seed Bath, Body & Massage Oil...A mouthwatering blend of lime & tangerine essential oils in highly absorbent sweet almond, grape seed oils and a generous portion of unrefined Hemp Seed Oil.  Since hair, skin, and nails are all formed from the same line of dermal cells, it isn't surprising that when hemp oil is used,  thicker and shinier hair, softer skin, and stronger nails are reported. Since hemp seed oil is nearly identical to our own lipids, it is capable of penetrating our cells and lubricating the surfaces between them. It is useful in comforting dry skin, blotches and lesions. A few dropper fulls of this moisturizing bath oil in a warm tub leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Also apply directly to your skin for instant hydration and fragrance!  Approx. 4 ounces