• Aqua DeTox Sessions Sat., 7/14, Appts. 10-5

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    Experience the wonders & health benefits of Aqua Detox & Reflexology!  Janine is back and is offering 1/2 hour sessions starting at 10:00am. Aqua Detox: $45.00 Reflexology: $35.00.  For both sessions...add each separately to cart.  Click here to learn more about Aqua Detox works. You'll feel great after wards...please click here to learn about the benefits of Aqua Detox! please click here to learn about the benefits of Aqua Detox! 

    NEW LOYALTY CARD PROGRAM! 1 stamp for each service and participating guest you bring along! Earn 50% off a service with 10 stamps!

    Janine, a specialist in Aqua Detox & Reflexology embarked on her journey to Wellness while battling chronic Lyme disease. After suffering for several years, Janine made the decision to proactively gain her health back. Energy medicine, specifically Aqua Detox, appealed to her and provided relief. It wasn't long until Janine fully understood and appreciated the connection between our feet and overall health. In 2017, she became certified in Reflexology from the East-West Therapeutic Massage School and now offers personalized attention to her clients. She is very passionate about detoxification & elimination and tailors each session to the individual needs of her clients and at times including reflexology for the hands.

    Please rsvp via 484-624-2308 asap for your preferred time....appointments fill quickly! Walk ins welcome too! Take time from your hectic schedule to relax and enjoy some healthy pampering and detoxing. Hot tea and sweets available.